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Client Testimonials

"They're very civic minded," says Bobby Walker, Vice President of Gulf Coast Limestone. "He has a great reputation with job owners. Their clients are always thrilled with their service. He just finished a project with the Nature Conservancy and they spoke very highly of him. From this project they donated 600 tons of leftover material to the Galveston Bay Foundation."

"Ken Lester's an excellent contractor. He's very innovative when it comes to figuring out logistical solutions and very effective at finding economical solutions," says Dennis Rocha, Coastal Project Manager for the Texas General Land Office. "I've always found him to be frank, honest, and upfront."

"The attitude, the family atmosphere, they're just an awesome group," says Richard Spence with Holt Caterpillar. "They're kicking tail in this part of the world. They are very well liked, super involved with the local high schools. Ken is a past president of the ABC in this area. Very well respected."

"Weaver and Jacobs Constructors has worked with Lester Contracting on several projects and has had great success on those projects," says Brenden Morris with Weaver & Jacobs Constructors. "Their hard work and professionalism was a driving component in helping us complete these projects in a timely manner. We look forward to continuing to build on our relationship with them and would recommend them to anyone."

Rely on Lester Contracting

Lester Contracting is the local choice for high-quality, dependable and long-lasting civil construction work.  From industrial and commercial civil construction projects to state and local government projects, Lester Contracting is ready to go to work for you.